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Transcender (Powered by Kaplan IT Training) Has 8570 Covered

The Department of Defense has a list of security certs required for employees and contractors. Transcender has the most comprehensive set of matching practice exams around.

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I got my start in working on certification stuff back when I was a Novell employee from 1988 through 1994. When I jumped into Microsoft certification stuff in the mid-1990s, to tackle the MCSE for Windows NT 3.51 and then 4.0, I already knew that Transcender was THE place to turn for high-quality, useful practice tests.


I would often turn to them for help getting ready for a trip to what was then either the Sylvan or Prometric testing center. Though a lot has changed across the IT certification landscape since Transcender launched in 1992, that company remains an outstanding source for well-researched and even better executed practice tests to this very day.


I had the good fortune to appear as an invited speaker at the Logical Operations LOCON17 conference in Baltimore in mid-October, which brought cybersecurity-minded professionals and organizations together from many walks of the training and certification industry.


While there, I also had a chance to meet up with Joshua Hester and Delvin Benjamin, both appearing on behalf of Kaplan IT, which is now the parent company for Transcender and something of a training powerhouse in its own right. For the record, Mr. Hester oversees product development, while Mr. Benjamin is a regional sales director.


Both men shared Kaplan IT/Transcender’s current vision for practice testing and self-assessment tools for cybersecurity exams, with a special emphasis on the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) list of Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications.



By no coincidence whatsoever, I was all ears for that conversation. Not only do I have fond memories of buying and using the heck out of Transcender practice tests in compiling my Exam Cram books in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but I had the 8570 certs as the focus for my invited presentation at that conference: Serving Certifications to Federal & Government Markets.


For those not already in the know, anybody who works in any kind of cybersecurity-related position for the Department of Defense or its contractors is required to earn one or more of the certifications on the Baseline Certifications list. My analysis in that presentation told me the following:


● There are approximately 95,000 such jobs in the DoD itself right now.
● There is an equal number of such jobs in the DoD contractor workforce as well.
● Other jobs that adhere to the Baseline Certification requirements — mostly at other U.S. Government agencies, or in state, county, and municipal governments and law enforcement positions — represent another 100,000-plus jobs around the country as well.


Add it all up, and around 300,000 jobs must meet those requirements right now, with the cybersecurity skills gap portending a jump in all those numbers for next year and beyond. In short, it’s a great opportunity for people smart enough to jump on the 8570 bandwagon.


Given that the guys at Transcender and Kaplan IT Training are pretty smart, they’d already figured this out before the conference. Their lineup of security exams, which are divided into Penetration Testing, System Auditing, Security Practitioner, and Security Management, show this clearly.