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Launch Your IT Career with CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA certifications can help you start down the path to a career in IT.Security+ is a common certification to achieve once A+ and Network+ are completed. Now on its fifth iteration, (SYS-501) the Security+ is a widely accepted and accredited qualification. In the Unites States, the Department of Defense (DoD) lists Security+ as a baseline qualification for most IT-related federal government jobs.


Advanced Cybersecurity Knowledge: CySA+, PenTest+, CASP


Once you’ve earned Security+ you’ll understand the basics of cybersecurity and will be ready to specialise within risk management or penetration testing.  As you’d expect there are CompTIA certifications to help you build out those skill sets: CySA+ and Pentest+. Both certifications are great follow-ups to Security+ and are considered intermediate-level credentials.


The CySA+ builds your knowledge of risk management and analysis, and the Pentest+ certification (new for 2018) is designed to test the technical skills required of anyone undertaking a penetration test.


The highest level of security certification that CompTIA maintain is the CASP (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner). This ultimate qualification proves your knowledge as a master of cybersecurity and risk management.


Designed as a competitor to the highly-regarded CISSP certification from (ISC)2, the CASP does not have the same level of industry clout. It is, however, DoD approved and demonstrates you have an in-depth understanding of all things security.


Specialized IT Knowledge: Cloud+, Server+, Linux+, Project+


While core IT skills and cybersecurity account for the bulk of CompTIA’s certifications, CompTIA also maintains a grab bag of specialised credentials covering cloud, Linux, project management and server technology.


The following certifications are great routes to build out these additional skillsets, once you’ve nailed the basics through CompTIA’s entry-level certifications or through role-based work. Additional certifications include:


● Cloud+
● Linux+
● Server+
● Project+


Find the full list of certifications, along with information about their relevant exams and topics covered, on CompTIA’s website.


“So, what are you waiting for? There is a CompTIA certification for anyone and has been through the certification process, I without a doubt feel more knowledgeable, confident and qualified as an IT professional with the skills required of a fast-paced and exciting industry!” says Jeremy.



Alex Bennett of Firebrand TrainingAlex Bennett is a technical writer for Firebrand Training. Working at the forefront of the IT training industry, Alex uses his insider knowledge to write regularly on IT security, networking and cloud technology.