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Microsoft Bids Fond Farewell to Many Old Certs

As per its usual quarterly update cycle, Microsoft Learning has issued its latest retirement schedule for certs and cert exams. Lots of interesting items are included, as that schedule now extends out to July 31, 2019.

Microsoft Learning is zotzing old certs.On Dec. 19, Microsoft Learning certification guru Liberty Munson issued Microsoft's latest Exam and Certification Retirement Roundup. That announcement includes some interesting information. Here’s a snippet that may be worth reading more than once:


Many of the upcoming exam retirements reflect the program’s evolution to embrace role-based certifications. Because we haven't announced many of the upcoming role-based certifications, I can't be overly specific about the replacement exams. Many of the exams are retiring in the next few months, and I want to give you as much advance notice as possible. This is all the information I can share right now, so take it for what it's worth as you make your certification plans. I promise to share as much information as I can, as soon as I can. Trust me to look out for you!


Although we don’t know what’s incoming just yet, we now know there are a LOT of outgoing exams and certifications. Let’s take a look at some details, shall we?


Retiring Certifcations


Much of what makes up the current Microsoft certification program is going to cease, starting at the end of this month and continuing through through June 30 of the comen year. Here’s the scoop:


1. Retiring on Dec. 31, 2018: MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, MSCA: Cloud Platform

2. Retiring on Mar. 31, 2019: MCSE: Mobility, MCSA: Office 365, Windows 10, and Dynamics 365

3. Retiring on June 30, 2019: MCSA: Machine Learning and Data Engineering with Azure


Retiring Exams


The following table is reproduced verbatim from Ms. Munson’s blog post, with a little bit of reformatting. Actually, there are so many retiring exams that we had to break the table in two. You can see the first half below, then click to the next page for Part Two.


Ed Tittel Figure 1 Dec 21 2018