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The "Bulldog Method" of Certification Preparation

Woman studying with nose in booksWith all of this work and expense now described, I hope my characterization of her drive and tenacity as the “bulldog method” now makes sense. If anything, it is probably overkill to prepare this much.


On the other hand, her explanation is apt and to the point: “I am very thorough in test prep because the exam is so expensive, so my doc was rather long.” Her “doc” is the 50-page long exam review document she put together for herself to create quick review material to go over both the night before and the morning of her scheduled test time. All before sitting down at the testing center to actually confront the Network+ exam.


What I like about her method is that it mixes reading and learning the material from books, with ample interaction with hands-on labs and practice test questions.


Although she’s a self-confessed text-based learner (she says “I am a reader, not a visual learner. Videos put me to sleep” early in her recitation of the bulldog method), her approach is what offers other aspiring certification candidates a good model to follow in their own cert prep maneuvers.


You could do a lot worse than to copy her blueprint and her persistent ping-ponging among learning, going from to hands-on labs to practice test questions. It’s not just a great way to prep for an exam, it’s a great way to gain some mastery over the material it covers, too. Bravo!



ed-tittel120Ed Tittel is a 30-plus-year computer industry veteran who's worked as a software developer, technical marketer, consultant, author, and researcher. Author of many books and articles, Ed blogs on certification topics for Tom’s IT Pro, and on Windows desktop OS topics for TechTarget. Check out his website at