GoCertify Looks Back: Our Second 10 Most Popular Articles of 2020

What were the second 10 most popular articles of 2020 on GoCertify?

We liked this when we did it last year, so we decided — again — to lengthen the list of Most Popular Articles that appeared on the site in 2020. Everybody loves a good recap, right? And sometimes articles come and go so quickly that even faithful readers miss seeing them the first time around.


So let's offer another tip of the cap to the talented writers who busily create content for us year in and year out. Today we'll go from GoCertify's 11th-most popular article of 2020, all the way down to its 20th-most popular article of 2020.


As previously described in this space, there are about 100 new articles addressing all facets of IT certification and employment that appear on GoCertify every year. So even if you read everything listed both here and in the previous installment in what is now a two-part series, you'll only have digested about one-fifth of everything posted here in 2020.


Without further ado, here are the most popular GoCertify articles of 2020, from number 11 through number 20:


11) Big Benefits from Certs Earned in High School — "Earning an industry certifications exposes students to real-world workplace situations and demands in a useful and practical way." (by Ed Tittel)


12) Who Invented the Computer? The Differential Analyzer — "A differential equation is a complex equation in which a variable and its derivative are related. For example, suppose that Iron Man takes a hit while flying around in battle, shorting out his suit and sending him plummeting to earth." (by Calvin Harper)


13) Six Hot IBM Certifications for 2020 — "Nearly a century old, IBM has steadily maintained a strong presence through decades of growth, turmoil, and recovery in the IT industry." (by Aaron Axline)


14) Google for Education Ventures Into Python — "Google has made particularly strenuous efforts, however, to link up with the nearly 1,500 community colleges all over the United States that are a major source of workplace training." (by Ed Tittel)


15) Who Invented the Computer? The Torpedo Data Computer — "Canned food was a result of Napoleon's need to feed his armies as they marched around Europe. He offered a cash prize for anyone who could come up with a method to successfully move vast quantities of food from production to the front lines." (by Calvin Harper)


16) Internet of Things Jungle Holds More Training, Less Certification — "Over time, I believe this will change. Right now, however, when it comes to getting professionals certified across the broad spectrum of IoT platforms, solutions, and possibilities, the certification industry is either lagging behind or playing catch-up." (by Ed Tittel)


17) Still Going: 60 Years Young and COBOL Is Still With Us — "As the punch card era of computer programming was winding down, a bunch of professionals got together and decided the time had come to move up to a higher level." (by Nathan Kimpel)


18) Who Invented the Computer? Vannevar Bush — "Over an achievement-packed career, Bush refined the S-tube, making radio a simple and inexpensive plug-in device; and served as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's top science advisor during World War II, managing all defense contracts and initiating and managing the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb." (by Calvin Harper)


19) GoCertify Looks Back: Our Second 10 Most Popular Articles of 2019 — Hey, we made our own list! With, uh, this same recap 12 months ago. (by GoCertify Staff)


20) CIPP Certification from IAPP is Ahead of the Privacy Curve — "In general, the CIPP focuses on data privacy laws and regulations, as well as best practices for their application, related controls, monitoring, audit, and compliance regimes." (by Ed Tittel)


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