Microsoft Streamlines Path to Azure Administrator Cert

Microsoft is moving on from a certification exam that's not even a year old.

For those with historical perspective on Microsoft's dominions, Azure is the tail that wags the whole dog. In fact, the Windows development organization is just a small-ish part of the overall Azure colossus within the company.


As of Wednesday, Microsoft Learning magnate and maven Liberty Munson fired off a salvo on the Microsoft Learning Community blog, announcing that the company is "Simplifying the Certification Path for Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate." Baldly stated, the company is retiring its existing two exam sequence (AZ-100 and AZ-101) and replacing it with a single exam sequence (AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator) to streamline the process of earning this associate level credential.


What About Those Who've Already Started Down the Old Path?


Those who taken and passed AZ-100, or who take and pass that exam before May 1, will earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate cert on or around May 1. All registrations for AZ-100 and/or AZ-101 after that date will be cancelled, and payments refunded.


Those who take and pass AZ-101 before May 1 will earn an AZ-101 exam badge. Anyone who takes AZ-101 will also receive an exam voucher (regardless of pass/fail status) for use on any MS exam available through Pearson VUE to thank early adopters.


In addition, instructor-led training (ILT) and online training (MOOCs) will be updated for AZ-101 and made available on May 1. Free learning content on Microsoft Learn should be completed around July 1. For those who've been preparing for AZ-100 and AZ-101, there's a PDF document that explains how the new AZ-103 exam aligns with those previous exams (download link/PDF format).


What Does It All Mean?


The old exams (AZ-100 and AZ-101) will retire on or around May 1, the same date upon which the new exam (AZ-103) becomes available. MS is acting with uncharacteristic dispatch to update this cert offering, which tells me that it's a top-priority item for their future cert planning and portfolio.


Indeed, the AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams made their debuts in mid 2018, and are already giving way to a replacement less than a year later. I expect that Azure will become a rich source for additional certifications and perhaps even a new certification program architecture, in the months and years ahead.


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