Microsoft Virtual Academy Pumps Up Online Offerings (Again)

MVA mindpower expanding

For the past two-three years, Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) has been steadily boosting its considerable investment in bite-sized learning content development and delivery. With hundreds of items already present in the MVA catalog already, the MVA team is upping the ante again.


As described in a June 12 post to the Born To Learn Blog titled "New MVA Learning Paths for IT Pros and Developers," the company is adding a considerable number of learning paths to that catalog.


What, Exactly, Are Learning Paths Anyway?


According to the afore-cited blog post, learning paths may be defined pretty precisely. Here's what the blog post says on that topic:


Learning paths are "curated sets of in-depth, practical courses that help you build new skills, gain valuable experience with the latest technologies, and earn badges to share with friends, colleagues, or even prospective employers. These new paths streamline learning playlists and help you to focus on building some of the most desired tech skills in the industry."


Those paths come in two flavors, one for IT professionals and the other for software developers. Here's what they look like taken verbatim from the blog post, reformatted in a table for easy reading and access, with live links to each learning path mentioned:

IT Pros Developers
PowerShell: Beginner Step up your IT pro game with foundational knowledge of PowerShell. Learn to use the command line to solve an issue, automate your infrastructure, and more. MEAN Stack Development Master the technologies that boost JavaScript: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js — all essential tools for web development.
PowerShell: Advanced Go beyond the basics with scripting, reusable tools, and cmdlets — all taught by the architect and inventor of PowerShell, Jeffrey Snover. ASP.NET Core Learn the skills that employers are looking for with this cross-platform tool for web developers.
Security for IT Pros Beef up your security know-how with practical tips and tricks from the Microsoft security team. DevOps for Developers Become better at building and deploying software — plus learn to increase efficiency and reduce application life cycle time
DevOps for IT Pros Your devs need you! Learn more about application performance and support monitoring with Microsoft Azure. Office 365 Development Tap into valuable data with Microsoft Office 365 APIs, get started with web add-ins, and learn all about Office 365 mobile app development
Introduction to Windows Server 2012 R2 Command this leading-edge server with tutorials on installation, roles, Microsoft Active Directory, storage, performance management, and maintenance.
Windows Server 2012 R2 Security and Identity Build upon your security knowledge with Windows Server 2016 fundamentals, like Active Directory, basic PKI, and BYOD concepts.
Windows Server 2012 R2 Compute Discover everything you need to know about virtualization and storage with courses on IP address management, server networking, Microsoft Hyper-V, and more.

In particular, the PowerShell, Security and DevOps topics for IT pros, and all of the Developer topics, are sure to attract not just lots of interest but lots of traction as well. For those of you who work in Microsoft-based or Microsoft-friendly environments, be sure to check this stuff out. The price is right, too: It's all FREE!


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