The VMware Certification Progam Has a Lot to Offer

The VMware certification program has a ton of resources for VMware certified professionals.

With more than 30 certifications spread across six categories, the VMware certification program has a lot to offer. In fact, there's always a LOT going on with this program, which makes it interesting keeping up with changes, additions, and new offerings.


Keeping up can be a challenge, though, so users will find the VMware Learning blog a useful source of information, if somewhat fragmented. The 32 most recent blog posts take us back to January 2021, and provide a broad mix of materials, including:


Cert justification and value demonstration strategies to explain the benefits and utility of VMware certs for employers and employees

Profiles of VMware certified professionals, mostly Expert level practitioners

Explanations of how VMware certifications can serve in lieu of coursework to meet college degree plan requirements (e.g. a VCDX earned one student the equivalent of 21 credit hours toward a Business Bachelor's in MIS)

Exam announcements

Explanations of badging programs and individual badges

Introduction to VMware Customer Connect Learning Communities for peer-level information sharing on best study and exam prep practices, study groups, and more

Certification upgrade policy information and updates

Information about learning subscriptions for cert prep and lifelong learning


There's a lot of excellent stuff to chew over in that list. If you're connected to VMware certification in any way, shape, or form, then there's almost certainly something that will capture and hold your interest.


Bring a Long-Handled Spoon!


The VMware certification program has a ton of resources for VMware certified professionals.

There's a lot of information to absorb and digest here, so be prepared to spend some time and expend some effort in digging through these blog posts. Your time and effort will be rewarded If you do. It all makes me wonder why VMware stopped updating its News and Events pages in August of 2019.


Up until then, the company provided pointers to all new and changed courses, exams, prep offerings, webinars, videos and so forth. It's a real shame the company hasn't seen fit to keep this information current, because that would make it much easier for IT pros invested in VMware certification to track what's happening.


That said, those involved in the Learning Communities do have an "inside track" on what's new and interesting certification-wise. They just need to pay attention to forum traffic, and look out for news and announcements therein.


Other Worthwhile VMware Cert Resources


Those with a Premium content subscription will find the video library of Exam Prep materials extremely helpful. For those on lower-budget plans, the Connect Learning Basic Subscription and webinar collections are worth looking into. Don't' forget there's a webinar archive of pre-recorded content, as well as a calendar of upcoming webinars. Lots of good stuff in there, in fact.


There are lots of VMware study groups active online, through communities as diverse as Facebook, reddit, and the VMware users group. The more you look around for information and insight, the more you'll find. Making sense of it all, and keeping up with changes, though, will require constant and regular (but modest) levels of attention.


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