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Certification Watch Volume 8 #16

Certification news regarding a complete Microsoft revamp, beta opportunities, and a new IBM certification.

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Microsoft Completely Revamps Certification Program

Microsoft Corporation recently announced a major redesign of its certification program, complete with a new structure and new certification titles. According to Microsoft "The program provides shorter certification paths targeted to specific job roles or technologies, so individuals can more quickly acquire relevant credentials to prove their expertise and organizations can to quickly ensure that IT professionals have the right skills for their projects."

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The new format is ready to go, and includes three levels of certification (in order of ascending difficulty): technology specialist, professional series, and architect. read the full article.

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CompTIA RFID+ beta Exam Available

CompTIA's RFID+ certification exam (RF1-001) is currently available in beta format for $75. The exam will cover topics related to the installation, configuration and maintenance of RFID hardware and device software, including interrogation zone basics, testing and troubleshooting, standards and regulations, tag knowledge, design selection, installation, site analysis, RF physics, and RFID peripherals. The final version of the exam is slated for release in early 2006. Testing is through VUE or Thomson Prometric.

CCIE Voice Beta Available Through December 5, 2005

The CCIE Voice Written Beta Exam v2.0 (351-030) will be available at all worldwide, Cisco-authorized testing centers from November 14 through December 5, 2005. The exam will be offered at a discounted price of just $50, with full recertification or lab qualification credit granted to all passing candidates. A detailed blueprint is available on Cisco's Web site.

Cisco Storage Networking Specialist Certifications Updated

The Cisco Storage Networking Design and Cisco Storage Networking Support Specialist certification curriculums have been updated to reflect the new SAN Operating System (OS) version 2.0. The Storage Networking certifications consist of updated courses and exams focused on the latest version of the operating system for the Cisco MDS 9000 SAN-OS 2.0.

New IBM Certification

IBM Certified Solutions Expert - U2 UniVerse is available for both versions 10.1 and 6.0. These designations are for individuals who performing the intermediate to advanced skills required in the day-to-day administration of U2 databases. These are one test certifications. See the IBM Web site for full details.

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