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Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 22)

News about building your brand, the broadening scope of CompTIA's CertMaster, and more.

Now Appearing on the Internet: You


Social Media in a binEveryone who has a job has probably created at least one resume. Something that gives a brief employment history, lists accomplishments, provides personal and educational background details. It's a useful document to have when called for, but it's also not doing you much good taking up a few KB of data storage on your hard drive. A job search tip that pops up frequently these days is the one about what do people see when they search for you online. Your online presence, or personal brand, can be much more on-target than any other arrow in your IT employment quiver. The latest to chime in on this point is Microsoft Certified Trainer Christopher Harrison, who writes that he came to the realization a few years back that his brand was lacking. Among his tips for those aspiring to build a better brand: professional headshots (a picture is worth 1,000 words), and careful screening of your Twitter and Facebook output (you never know who's picking up what you're putting down).


Red Hat Announces Certification Changes


Nothing lasts forever and, in the continually evolving IT certification realm, some things don't last for more than a year or two. The only constant is change. Over the past few weeks, the drumbeat of change has been rattling the windows at open source OS titan Red Hat, which is making a series of changes designed to improve its certification program. Red Hat Certification began its initiative earlier this year with a move to make its coveted Red Hat Certified Architect credential a bit more accessible, by upping the number Red Hat Certificates of Expertise that can be applied toward RHCA certification. There's also a series of changes that take effect Oct. 1 governing verification of Red Hat credentials and other services available to Red Hat certified professionals. Red Hat officials are also weeding through the extensive list of certification titles available and paring it down to help make the designations more comprehensible to hiring managers and others outside the company's certification program.


Up Your Level of Influence


Are you the IT-sector E.F. Hutton of your workplace? As the resident IT Guy, when you open your mouth, does everybody listen, or do you find yourself wondering why your message never seems to quite get through? The key to effective communication with the corporate powers that be, as noted in a recent post by Danny Tomic at Cisco Learning Network's Certifications for Success blog, is to talk to your managers and other decision makers in their own language. And, believe it or not, but there's a certification for that. Tomic writes that Cisco's new Enterprise IT Business Specialist cert is just the magic bullet you've been looking for. By increasing your understanding of how the other half thinks and what problems are on their plate, you can improve your ability to communicate your ideas and effect postive change.


Press the Flesh with Certification Experts at OpenWorld


'Tis the season for both current and aspiring Oracle Certified Professionals to make a pilgrimage to San Francsicso and talk about, among other things, the latest developments in certification. The annual Oracle OpenWorld conference is fast approaching, Sept. 28 through Oct. 2. A recent post at the Oracle Certification blog highlights the special opportunites available to certification geeks. For example, there will be daily drawings for Oracle Press study guides, a series of "Meet the Experts" sessions offering face-time with Oracle certification gurus, and a scavenger hunt to help you kill time during those occasional lingering breaks between seminars.


CompTIA Expands CertMaster Offerings


We know what many of your are thinking: When I took A+, we didn't have any newfangled adaptive learning tools. I had to read books and actually take apart computers. The kids these days probably don't appreciate how good they have it with CertMaster, CompTIA's revolutionary online learning tool, and now they have it even better. After making its debut earlier this year, CertMaster, the study platform that improves long-term retention, encourages students to work at their own pace, and is available anywhere and any time, is now equipped to train young minds for CompTIA's popular Security+ credential. With the addition of Security+, CertMaster now offers training for four core CompTIA certs, the other being A+, Network+ and Strata IT Fundamentals.


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