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Certification Watch (Vol. 18, No. 41)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Cybrary launches a new employment platform, Juniper Networks extends is certification expiration date, and more!

Cybrary Looks to Put a Dent in Cybersecurity Jobs Shortage


Looking for a job onlineHave you been looking for IT security employment? If so, then a whole lot of somebodies out there have been looking for you. IT training firm Cybrary is stepping up to help cybersecurity job seekers make contact with the employers who are desperate to hire them. Cybrary announced this week that is has fired up a new job search platform to help fill open positions in information assurance; network and application security; and malware. All three are niches of critical need in the booming cybersecurity employment realm, which Cybrary says is presently growing four times faster than the overall IT employment market, and 12 times faster than the total labor market. The new security employment platform is free to use and lets job seekers upload resumes and apply for open positions.


ISACA Survey Finds Consumers, Tech Pros Differ on Overall Security of Internet of Things


Speaking of cybersecurity (we've been doing that a lot lately; did you know that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month?), a study recently completed by cybersecurity and governance group ISACA finds that consumers and IT professionals don't quite see eye-to-eye about the security and reliability of the Internet of Things. Consumers, perhaps not surprisingly, are far more confident of the overall security of IoT-connected devices. For example, about 64 percent of consumers inside the United States are confident that ever-increasing connectivity won't compromise their ability to protect important data, but just 22 percent of cybersecurity professionals feel the same way. Consumers in other nations also consider themselves sufficiently prepared for pending IoT advances. The findings are part of ISACA's 2015 IT Risk/Reward Barometer.


Cisco Security Expert Discusses IT Security Concerns


While consumers may take cybersecurity for granted, IT professionals are growing more and more accustomed to a world in which information security is an around-the-clock high-alert concern. Since secure networking (see previous item) will be a particular area of concern for the foreseeable future, Cisco Learning Network hooked up with security expert Omar Santos this week to get his thoughts about various security concerns. Santos, author of CCNA Security 210-260 Official Cert Guide, briefly addresses a variety of topics in a series of short videos posted at Cisco Learning Network's Learning News blog. And if there's a Cisco security certification in your future, then be sure to note the details of the 10 percent Cisco Learning Network Store discount also included in the post.


CompTIA's CASP Security Cert Preferred by U.S. Military


Here at GoCertify Certification Watch, your All Cybersecurity All the Time Dispatch Center, we're pleased to note that IT industry association CompTIA is also beating the cybersecurity drum for NCSAM. An engaging new post at CompTIA's IT Career News hub details a recent trip to Utah's Hill Air Force Base by CompTIA executive Patrick Lane. Lane visited HAFB to evangelize for CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), the "beyond Security+" certification that CompTIA intially released four years ago, and which recently completed its first revision-and-upgrade cycle. In Lane's (and CompTIA's) view, CASP is an important weapon in the fight to protect nations and states from the effects of what could quickly escalate into a full-scale "cyber-war."


Juniper Networks Widens Recertification Window


Recertification can sometimes be a contentious issue in the IT realm, with beleaguered professionals often feeling that they've barely made it through one IT certification cycle before the next one begins. The "no rest for the weary mentality" can be discouraging, but Juniper Network is dispelling a little of the gloom. The IT networking company announced this week that all credentials in its Juniper Networks Certification Program will now be valid for three years from the time of their most recent renewal. Currently active certs have been extended for one year, while recently expired credentials have been reactivated to reflect the new recertification status. The change to a three-year window, prompted by feedback from the Juniper certification community, reflects a widely-acknowledged industry norm.


Microsoft Welcomes Certification Exam Feedback


Microsoft Learning wants to know what certification candidates think of its exams — even when the feedback is that Microsoft doesn't know beans about its own technology, or at least has made a small mistake in its exam design. In a new post this week at the Born To Learn Blog, Microsoft psychometrician Liberty Munson once again reviews the process (and outcomes) of challenging a certification exam question, something that she's covered farily regularly in the past. It's an interesting "pull back the curtain" view to a process that's not nearly as inflexible as many have probably assumed. Microsoft Learning treats all feedback seriously, Munson says, and exam challenges do sometimes reveal questions that need to be reworked or sometimes even removed.


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