Checking In on VMware Certs After Dell Spin-Off

As of Nov. 1, 2021, VMware is an independent, publicly-traded company. You read that right: VMware is no longer part of Dell Technologies. Because of that change, I thought it might be worth looking into the long-tenured VMware certification program.


VMware's certification program is still chugging along.

Source: VMware Certification


As far as I can tell, the VMware certification program is charging ahead, more or less unchanged in the wake of its independent status. I've spoken with various VMware staffers who manage its cert program over the years, and had already noticed they kept things both separate and distinct from other Dell-related certifications.


You couldn't necessarily have guaranteed that outcome. A number of Dell and/or Dell-adjacent certs have come and gone over the years, as other companies have moved underneath, and then back out from under, the Dell Technologies umbrella. SonicWall is one example.


The Cert Categories Are Still the Same


As you can see in the lead-in graphic for this story, VMware's certification categories are the same as they were when I wrote about the program in August of this year ("The VMware Certification Program Has a Lot to Offer").


Indeed, one or more of the program's constituent certs (most notably VCP, in multiple categories) is a regular inhabitant of popular and high-paying certification lists (which I also write about regularly). There are still a ton of certs available from VMware from Associate, to Professional, Advanced Professional, and Expert level credentials.


There are a variety of specialist elements across all six categories as well. You can find lots of good visual tools into the program in the company's VMware Certification Tracks (PDF) document, particularly on pages 3 through 10.


The basic VMware certification ladder is depicted on page 11 of the afore-linked document in simple, understandable form:


VMware Certification Levels

Source: VMware Certification


Independence Brings Initiative and Opportunity


I'm guessing that the VMware program is likely to keep rolling forward as the company explores and takes advantage of its newly independent status. With 26 distinct learning paths (see page 12 of the PDF document for more info) already in place, there's certainly a wealth of information and opportunities inside the VMware certification tent.


The areas of  App Modernization and Intrinsic Security are currently a bit sparse (one learning path per category), so that's where I'd expect to see growth and expansion occurring first and foremost. For more information and all the latest news on what's up with this program, please visit the VMware Certification home page. Cheers!


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